The event will be divided into five panels with themes concerning: The EU's COVID-19 response, The environment & the EU, Digitalisation & the EU, Education & the EU, and Geopolitical relations & trading issues.

In each panel speakers will be making short speaches, followed by a discussion of approximately half an hour. 

1. EU'S COVID-19 Response & Recovery

  • The EU effect in dealing with the health crisis: vaccines, research and examples of EU solidarity 

  • The EU effect in dealing with the socioeconomic crisis:  

           EU’s Recovery Plan; NextGenerationEU and the new long-term budget, Vaccination  

  • What are the main concerns in the development of the response and recovery? What are the lessons learned, and what lies ahead? Has the response been successful up to now? 

  • What is the role of education and the role of the youth in the recovery phase? 

  • What about the issue with Astrazeneca?

2. Enviroment & the EU

The road towards climate neutrality in 2050: the European Green Deal  

  • What is it about: What are the main initiatives and actions under the Green Deal and what do they mean for Europeans? 

  • European Green Deal, Covid-19 pandemic and green recovery: how time to put the European Green Deal into recovery action/ how does it survive pandemic 

  • What is the space for action from society, youth, and schools in the green revolution? 

3. Digitalization & the EU

  • Digital Education, Digital Europe Programme, the Digital Single Market  

  • AI: EU Approach and regulation of AI, ethics, EU e-privacy and data protection 

  • EU and 5G, together with its concerns 

  • What is the role of the youth in the digital transition? 

4. Education & the EU

  • The EU’s education program 

  • Youth in Action: how can young people contribute to Europe's development (examples of Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, the European Citizens Initiative, the European Climate Pact)  

  • What can the EU do better to inspire the youth? 

  • Europe’s common history; Can the EU develop history books, shared by all member states? 

5. Geopolitical relations and trading issues

  • What does the future hold for transatlantic relations after the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? EU trade deal with USA; How will the victory of Biden affect the deal 

  • What should the EU approach towards new and old rivals be? (China, Russia, Turkey…) 

  • What is EU’s soft power in the international context and how can Europeans use it? 

  • What have the implications of the Bexit been?